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We proudly deploy server products by Dell and backup software by Novosoft.
In the age of rapidly developing information technologies, information protection has become an important issue for home users and corporate users alike. In fact, information can be more valuable than most precious tangible things. If your computer is broken, you can get a new one, but you may not be able to restore the data stored on that old computer of yours. Only when users lose their data, do they realize how valuable these data were and how many inconveniences it has brought to their so far so happy lives.
Conventional methods of data security include: writing data on a CD, DVD, another hard drive etc. However, none of these methods listed here guaranties a needed security level. You can still lose your data since the CD copy can be corrupted or the hard drive can crash and leave you asking this one question over and over again: Why did this happen to me?
Our Remote Backup Service is based on proprietary software - Handy Backup and Handy Backup Pro. These applications have proven to be reliable backup utilities and combine ease of use with a powerful and comprehensive functionality. Starting at just $14.95 per month you can reserve 250GB of encrypted/Secure storage and receive a free copy of Handy Backup.
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