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So.... Avoid the annoying advertisements and restrictions that accompany free e-mail systems! Use an Email service designed for business and privacy!

Use standard POP3 and IMAP features to manage your e-mail service with commonly-used e-mail programs like Microsoft Outlook®, Outlook® Express, Microsoft Live Mail®, Eudora®, Netscape®, and others.

Create aliases and one-time addresses for special or short-term uses, such as, or

Protect your business from spam or viruses with Surgemail and Clam Anti-Virus. When mass unsolicited e-mails or viruses are sent, they are detected almost instantly by the network and intercepted before they reach your inbox!

Manage your WebMail with a leading e-mail solution offering unique features such as the ability to send large attachments, calendar, photo albums, address book, file storage manager, message filters, and more!
Antelecom, Inc. offers residential, SOHO (small office/home office) and Corporate Email service through software provided by Surgemail and ClamAV.
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