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# Do you have a referrel progam?

Sure! Login to your Account and click the link for Referral Coupon. Value is $50 for both you and the person you referred. There is a time limitation so be sure to submit your referrel right away.

# What are your DNS numbers?

Our primary DNS is (, secondary is (

# What mail servers do I use?

Our two mail server are and You may use either one for both incoming and outgoing. Please don't try to use both.

# Is my Email address $

No. Do not specify a machine in your mail address. Use ???? only.

# Can I use for my outgoing mail when I dial AOL?

Yes you can. Simply set outgoing SMTP authentication in your email program. Keep in mind that your ISP may block port 25. If so then use port 26 for outgoing mail.

# What does it mean when the mail server tells me my account is LOCKED?

If the server receives another login while you are checking your mail it will lock the mailbox. This is a theft prevention feature. Normally there should never be two persons trying to open the same mailbox at the same time. This is sometimes caused by a user clicking the check mail button more than once in rapid succession. The server will unlock the mailbox in fifteen minutes. Simply go do something else for a while.

# How big of an attachment can I email?

The outgoing mail server will process an attachment up to 30Megs. Remember that if you attach a binary file (picture) your mail program must encode it. That makes it about twice as big. A five meg file can easily be 8 to 10 megs after encoding.

# Do you host adult sites?

No we don't. Antelecom, Inc. will remove any offensive material posted on websites.

# So.... how do I get my home page set up?

Easy. Call our office and ask yours to be installed.

# Do you have Blogs?

Yes, Premium email boxes support Blogs. Easy to use and no setup required.
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